We are taking various measures to prevent the sales list collection app from crashing.

Even if the sales list collection app stops in the middle, the collected data will be protected.

No matter how perfectly written the program, the app may stop due to trouble.
Sales list collection tools are no exception.

At IZANAMI, we take various measures to protect data in the unlikely event.


Crash countermeasure function ① Real-time data output

Countermeasures against crashes of sales list collection tools

Many sales list collection tools take the form of outputting data after collection.
If the app stops in the middle, there is a risk that data collection will be redone.

IZANAMI outputs the collected data in real time, so even if the app is forcibly terminated while collecting the list, the data will remain.


Crash countermeasure function (2) Configuration file backup

Even if the app is forcibly terminated, the settings are backed up.
In addition, a backup of the setting file is also generated, so even if the application is forcibly terminated in the middle, it can be restored with the previous setting.