The industry's cheapest sales list generation tool

It's the cheapest tool for creating unlimited sales lists. * Our research

Monthly charge from 5,980 yen

Unlimited monthly collections

Comparison with other companies' list creation tool

Comparison with sales list creation tools made by other companies.

Initial cost Monthly cost Number of monthly collections Annual cost
IZANAMI $39.80 $59.80 Unlimited 71,760 yen
Company A $39.80 4,980-28,900 yen 5,000~50,000 pieces 63,740-250,780 yen
Company B 5,500 yen 6,578-39,820 yen 5,000~50,000 pieces 84,436-483,340 yen
Company C 0 Yen 10,000-40,000 yen 20,000-unlimited 120,000-480,000 yen

We compared by sales list creation tool. The annual cost of IZANAMI is about 1/10 when converted to the annual usage cost for both the minimum plan and the maximum plan.