Unlimited number of sales list collections

Most sales list collection tools have a limit on the number of monthly list collections.
In order to collect more attack lists, it was necessary to subscribe to a higher-level plan, and it cost a huge amount of money to create an effective list. .. .. Is not uncommon.

Therefore, we have made it possible to collect unlimited lists by limiting the number of sales lists that can be collected.
Intervals occur to prevent server load, but list collection can be done virtually unlimitedly.

Comparison with other companies' sales list creation tools

I compared the number of collections with sales list creation tools made by other companies.

Monthly cost Number of monthly collections
IZANAMI $59.80 Unlimited
Company A 4,980-28,900 yen 5,000~50,000 pieces
Company B 6,578-39,820 yen 5,000~50,000 pieces
Company C 10,000-40,000 yen 20,000-unlimited