Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your business list.

Face-to-face sales are difficult now, so let's make a business list and do business!
I think there are a lot of companies that think so and are making a sales list.

But wait a minute.
There is an important point in creating a sales list.

There are 3 ways to create a sales list

There are 3 ways to create your sales list.

  • How to make a list manually
  • How to buy a list from a vendor
  • How to use the list collection tool



① How to create a sales list manually

Create a sales list manually

The quickest way to create a sales list is for people in the company to collect information one by one and create a sales list.

The important points when creating a sales list with in-house staff

  • Collect information from portal site
  • Decide what information you absolutely must collect

about it.

It is very difficult to make a huge sales list from the Internet. If it is a portal site, the displayed items are templates, so you can easily collect them.

Surprisingly, it is easy to forget what information should be collected first. For example, there are cases where you are trying to make a list of tele appointments, but the phone number is missing.

Unexpectedly bad cospa

Creating a sales list in-house is surprisingly cost-effective.

For example, let's say that it takes an average of 5 minutes to collect one item from the portal site by in-house staff.

If the staff's hourly wage is 1,000 yen, it will cost about 80 yen to collect one item.

Is there a way to outsource

If it is a simple work, there is also a method of outsourcing to CrowdWorks.

If it's cheap, you can outsource the collection to a collection staff for about 10 to 20 yen per item.

② How to buy a sales list from a vendor

How to buy a sales list

Another option is to purchase a business list from a directory broker. However, while you can get a sales list immediately, there are many disadvantages.

roster may be outdated

It goes without saying that building a roster takes time. Make sure you know when the roster was created. If the directory is outdated, most of the contact information may not be usable, and there is a possibility that complaints will increase because the business is exhausted.

Worst cospa

When you try to make a list of the necessary number, if you buy a list from a vendor, there are hundreds of thousands to more than 1 million.

Cheap roster providers may have download limits

Some of the list brokers are extremely cheap.

Such contractors are cheap but risky. For example, there is a limit on the number of downloads per day, and creating a desired list can be expensive.

③ How to use the list collection tool

How to use the sales list collection tool

The key is to use a list collection tool. This is the most cost-effective method, but there are some points to note.

How many can you collect at once?

The important thing in the sales list creation tool is the number of monthly collections. Even if the collection speed is fast, there may be a limit on the number of collections per month. Also, there may be a limit to the number of items that can be collected at once. For example, there are 1,700 municipalities nationwide. There are various medical categories such as general hospitals, surgery, internal medicine, and orthopedics. There is a tool that can only select up to 400 of these. It was actually very difficult to use the tool for fun. . Let's carefully examine it so that it does not come to that.

What about collection speed?

Some tools have unusually slow collection speeds. In particular, tools that collect information on the web management screen tend to be slow.

Is there a resume function?

Resume is a function to start from the middle when finished once.

In fact, the sales list creation tool runs for a long time, so it often crashes in the middle.

At that time, it is important to be able to restart the collection work in a state as close to the original state as possible. If all the settings are initialized, you can't even look at it, right?

The important thing about the sales list creation tool is how much information can be collected without neglecting it

The important thing about the sales list creation tool is "how much information can be collected without neglecting it".

The work of reviewing the settings every day while doing daily work is more painstaking than I imagined.

Once set, IZANAMI creates an unlimited number of lists.

IZANAMI collects unlimited information just by setting it once.

What's more, even if it stops halfway, the collected files are already output, minimizing the risk.

In addition, since you can write where to resume collection in the configuration file, even if it stops in the middle, you can immediately resume the collection work from where you want to resume.

It is convenient to use IZANAGI to conduct business using the collected sales list.