Introducing the functions of the management screen.

① My page

Displays the TOP screen of My Page.
You can check the contract period and download the latest version of the app.

②Customer information editing

You can edit your information.

③ Change email address

You can change your contracted email address.
Please specify the e-mail address that you will receive from us so that we can inform you of the contract status.

④ Change credit card information

If you are paying by credit card, you can change the registered card.

⑤ Receipt

We can issue a receipt.

⑥ Suspension/resume settings

If you want to stop using it, you can do so here.
Cancellation is also possible from here.
Please note that refunds are not possible when canceling or stopping.

If you want to stop the automatic renewal of your credit card, you can set it here.

⑦Language setting

You can change the menu to Japanese/English.

(8) Profile settings

You can change the image of the management screen, change the password, and log out.