Ability to detect and not collect specific strings

Collecting sales lists is a very important task for companies and sole proprietors, but it also carries risks.

If you collect and send e-mail addresses that violate the Specified Electronic Mail Act, you will be penalized, so be careful.

In this article, we will introduce IZANAMI, a tool that allows you to efficiently collect sales lists while avoiding sales refusal email addresses.

1. Why do we need to be careful with “sales refusal” email addresses?

Why you need to be careful with

1-1. What is the Specified Electronic Mail Act?

The Specified Electronic Mail Law is a law to prevent spam, and penalties are also provided.

To avoid the risk of violating this law, you should be careful not to collect "Do Not Sell" email addresses.

1-2. Details of penalties

Violation of the Specified Electronic Mail Act may result in fines and claims for damages.

To avoid these risks, it's important to avoid "Do Not Sell" email addresses.

1-3. Impact on corporate image

Sending emails to "do not sell" email addresses can have a negative impact on the image of your business or sole proprietorship.

Losing trust can be very damaging to your business, so be careful.

2. Features of the sales list collection tool IZANAMI

2-1. Avoiding "sales refusal" email addresses

IZANAMI has a function that does not judge and collect character strings such as "business refusal".
This avoids the risk of violating the Specific E-mail Act.

2-2. Efficient list collection

The sales list collection tool IZANAMI is designed to collect sales lists efficiently.

You can search by specifying the target industry.
It is possible to create a list suitable for sales activities in a short time.

2-3. Simple operability sales list collection tool

Simple to use sales list collection tool

IZANAMI features an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to easily collect sales lists. In addition, since the support system is also substantial, it is safe even for first-time users.

3. Successful cases using IZANAMI

3-1. Effective list collection for Company A

Company A uses the sales list collection tool IZANAMI
We created an effective sales list and succeeded in increasing sales.
Thanks to IZANAMI's "refusal of business" avoidance function,
It was evaluated that the risk of violating the Specified E-mail Act was avoided.

3-2. Improving sales efficiency of sole proprietor B

Sole proprietorship B used IZANAMI to collect sales lists and succeeded in streamlining sales activities.
In the past, it was easy to create a list that fit the target that you had created manually while sleeping.
The closing rate has improved and business performance has improved significantly.

4. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What kind of industries and company sizes does IZANAMI support?

IZANAMI supports various industries and company sizes. By specifying and searching conditions, you can create a list suitable for your sales activities.

How much does IZANAMI cost?

It is a license that can be used for 1 year at a monthly fee of 5980 yen.

Summary of Avoidance of Sales Rejected Email Addresses

Collecting sales lists is risky, but by using IZANAMI,
You can efficiently create a sales list while avoiding "no sales" email addresses.

Please try IZANAMI, a sales list collection tool that is both reliable and effective.

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