If it stops at the authentication screen, please try the following.

The driver is old or corrupted for some reason

There are cases where the driver files are outdated or corrupted for some reason.
In this case, re-downloading the driver files will solve the problem.

(1) Press "x" to exit the application.

(2) Delete the following in the dist folder.

  • drivers.json
  • drivers folder

③ Start IZANAMI again.

Corrupted configuration file

There are cases where the configuration file is corrupted for some reason.
In this case, it will start by setting it correctly or deleting the setting file.

  1. Delete the countryname_progress.txt file in the conf folder.
  2. Rename countryname_progress_bak.txt to countryname_progress.txt.
  3. Check if IZANAMI starts.

If IZANAMI does not start in this state, exit IZANAMI once and do the following.

  1. Delete the country_progress.txt Japan_progress_bak.txt log00000000000temp.txt files in the conf folder.
  2. Please start IZANAMI.

Cases blocked by security software

Security software may be blocking startup.
Stop the security software and check if it starts.
Please allow IZANAMI.exe to start.

If you do not have security software installed, the standard security software called Windows Defender may be blocking it.
Please refer to the following page and temporarily stop and try

Case where the IZANAMI body is outside the dist folder

IZANAMI.exe (Mac version: IZANAMI.app) works only in the dist folder.
Please check if IZANAMI in the dist folder is running.


Please delete the old IZANAMI once, download IZANAMI again and try to start it.
Please refer to this manual when starting up.

If it still doesn't start

A set of IZANAMI files that won't start If you can output a log file, please send it to me.

When you press the execution log button, it will be output to the out folder.