Stopped in the middle of collection
  • If the files in the "out folder" have not been updated for 3 hours or more, collection has stopped for some reason.
  • And the collection status of the app is not updated even though it is being collected

In such a case, collection may have stopped for some reason.


Press the "Exit" button to temporarily stop the application, and press the × button to exit the application.
* If there is no response for more than 1 minute even if you press the end, please press the x button to end the application.
*If there is no response for more than 1 minute after pressing the x button, force quit IZANAMI.exe from the task manager.

Then restart the app.

If the problem persists, please restart your computer.

Check CPU usage

Open task manager and check CPU usage. If it is always 100%, it may not work properly.

Allow IZANAMI in the security software settings

Security software may falsely detect IZANAMI as a virus. Allow IZANAMI.exe as an exception

Check firewall settings

The firewall may falsely detect IZANAMI. Allow IZANAMI.exe as an exception

Check disk space

If the disk capacity is 90% or more, it may not be possible to collect well. Please check the capacity.

Initialize conf folder

Please move the contents of the conf folder to another location and check the operation.

Check it works on another computer

If you have another computer, try it there too. If it is collected successfully, it may be your current computer environment.

If that doesn't work, send us your data

If none of the above methods solve your problem, please send us the following two items.

  • zipped conf folder
  • Log files (launch and log DL → option)
  • CPU and memory information of the PC currently running