Is Gurunavi suitable for creating restaurant business lists?

This time, I will introduce Gurunavi and whether it is suitable for creating a sales list.

What is Gurunavi?

First, let me introduce Gurunavi.

We operate a portal site for information on food . Based on the basic policy of “from Japan to the world”, the philosophy is to disseminate Japanese food culture. The company was established as a division of NKB (NKB), which handles transit advertising, and its founder Hisao Taki (the son of NKB founder Taro Takifuji) is a major shareholder as an individual, as well as Odakyu, a customer of NKB. Electric railways and Tokyo subway are listed as major shareholders. Unlike other gourmet sites (such as Tabelog), which are CGM (consumer-generated media) centered on information from users, it clearly positions "sales promotion support for restaurants" as the pillar of its business, 90% of this comes from advertising fees and commission income from paying member stores.

Quoted from Wikipedia

More than 500,000 items of information are posted on Gurunavi! ??

Gurunavi is a restaurant information website that has been in operation for a long time, and many companies have registered with it due to its name recognition.
It is said that there are more than 500,000 items of posted information, and there are 57,000 paying merchants (as of the end of March 2016).

The fact that information is posted for a fee means that there is energy to pay for advertisements = it is easy to get results.

With such a large scale site, you have an image that collecting sales lists is easy.

If you want to create a business list specialized for restaurants, Gurunavi

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that.

A service that can list the latest information from Google

Before introducing how to create a Gurunavi business list, we will introduce a service that allows you to create the latest business list from Google.

Sales list creation tool IZANAMI
Sales list creation tool IZANAMI

IZANAMI is a tool that can collect company information published on the Internet by region and industry.
For example, information on restaurants nationwide specializing in French cuisine, izakayas in Tokyo, etc. can be collected by focusing on detailed regions and industries.
Managed by Google, the accuracy of the business list is high, and it is easy to collect lists of companies that are not normally open, so it is recommended for creating lists.

Service that can make Gurunavi a business list

Gurunavi boasts top-class restaurant listings, but did you know that there is a service that makes it easy to list restaurants?

This time, we will introduce a service that can turn Gurunavi into a sales list.


A tool that allows you to create a business list from Gurunavi
Service that can turn Gurunavi into a sales list 1

A long-established Gurunavi list collection tool operated by URIZO Inc. Sales Support.
In addition, we use celebrities for advertisements, which gives us a sense of security.
From 19,580 yen per month, you can collect up to 20,000 lists per month from Gurunavi.
The appeal of URIZO is that you can easily collect data by selecting categories and regions.

You can also get an approximate number of how many data you can collect with just a click.
As a difficult point, is it necessary to set each time because the number of collections per month is fixed and the number of collections that can be collected at once is fixed?



A tool that allows you to create a business list from Gurunavi
Service that can make Gurunavi a business list 2

Listle is a service that allows you to collect unlimited Gurunavi posting information as a sales list for a monthly fee of 9,800 (increased from July 2022).
Unlimited is attractive.
The settings are proxy compatible, so it is a bit difficult for beginners, and although there is no limit, the number of collections per category is limited by the system, so it is necessary to constantly check the collection status.
Also, since the service is not SSL-encrypted (encrypted), I was a little concerned about what would happen to the transmitted information.


Can Gurunavi create a successful sales list?

Gurunavi, which looks pretty attractive, has a lot of information, but is it possible to create a sales list that actually produces results?

There is a possibility that many lists are created using Gurunavi

In terms of creating a business list that specializes in restaurants, Gurunavi is useful because information on various industries and regions is open to the public.

However, Gurunavi makes it easier for users to search.
In other words, it is also a service that is easy to make a sales list.
In other words, there is a possibility that you will receive sales contacts from that many companies.
Such companies may be tired of many sales calls, and it may be difficult to get an order just by contacting them normally.


How to create a sales list that delivers results?

In order to produce results in creating a sales list, it is important to have "a lot of prospective customers registered" and "a company that is not doing much sales on a regular basis".
In short, company information is important because it is not easy to create a sales list.

Did you know that there is actually a way to create such a list?

IZANAMI, a sales list creation tool, allows you to search and collect company information from Google without limitation.
Moreover, it not only searches for information on Google, but also collects missing information that exists on the Internet and creates data using its own algorithm.

The monthly fee is 5,980 yen, which is very reasonable, and now we are giving away the list for free, so if you are a company that wants to strengthen your business, please consider it.


  • Gurunavi has a lot of company and store information, making it easy to create a sales list.
  • Since it is easy to create a list, there are many tools on the market, and it may be difficult to achieve results.
  • IZANAMI, which can create a sales list based on Google, is also recommended.