What is IZANAMI, a sales list creation tool?

Creating a sales list is very important to improve sales performance.
What kind of list do you make when you make a tele appointment?

Recently, pull-type marketing methods that match customer behavior and needs, such as inbound marketing and content marketing, have become a hot topic.
Various companies are strengthening information dissemination using SNS and other means.

That doesn't mean that push-type sales activities will disappear.
content marketing is

  • It takes time and effort to operate
  • no immediate effect
  • low reach

Because it has such weaknesses and cannot dig up latent needs.


This time, I would like to introduce the points that lead to results, focusing on the "listing" of "tele appointment", which is one of the representative methods of push-type sales.

Creating and listing a business list is the key to successful tele appointments

What is the secret to getting your business to sell?


Talk skills, skills, presentations, advance preparation... they are certainly important.
However, the sales that sell before that have a good sales list without exception.
It could be a list of existing customers that you've built up trust with over time, or a list that you create and scrutinize on a daily basis.
They have a good sales list to control sales, such as super-best customers and low-value but constant orders in order to hit their sales targets.

To put it the other way around, no matter how great a sales person is, if the sales list you have is bad, it will be difficult to get good results.
Creating and listing a business list is an essential element for raising the results of tele appointments.

Creating a sales list is often avoided because it is time consuming.
However, the creation of a sales list is of course not only a simple list, but it is also very important to understand "how many targets of your company are in the market" and to think about strategies and tactics.

How to make a sales list that produces results with tele appointment BEST 5

So how do you create a list for successful tele appointments?
This time, we will introduce BEST 5 effective list creation methods as how to create a list for corporate sales.

Use the BEST1 sales list collection tool

The most effective way to make tele appointments successful is to use a sales list collection tool.
Crawl (automatic patrol) on the Internet to collect prospective customer data.

In particular, the information published by Google is often up-to-date, and it is possible to collect the latest phone numbers.

Note: Search link collection data may be old

There are many tools for intensive crawling of search link collection data, but the data is often old.
Collecting this kind of information would be inefficient since phone numbers often don't exist.

In addition, since the data of the search link collection is efficient for the collection side, the data is often circulated, so the sales phone is constantly ringing and the person in charge is often fed up.

IZANAMI can collect the latest information published on Google

The sales list creation tool IZANAMI can collect the latest information published on Google.
Since we collect fresh data that is not listed in the search link collection, it is also possible to tele-appoint prospective customers who do not usually receive sales calls.


It is also an effective method to purchase from a company listed on the company list. Representative companies include Tokyo Shoko Research and Teikoku Databank.
There are also sites that sell downloadable company lists from the Internet.

The biggest advantage of purchasing a sales list is that you can get a large number of lists at once without much effort. In addition, when purchasing a company list, it is advantageous to be able to segment from various company information (address, area, year of establishment, number of employees, capital, business scale such as sales, etc.) and purchase only the necessary amount. .

However, the purchase does come at a cost. If you buy a large list, it will easily exceed 1 million yen, and there is a possibility that companies other than the target are mixed up, so there are advantages and disadvantages.


BEST3 Make a list of inquiry information

Are you using inquiries from your company's website for mere customer support?

Since customer inquiries are a list of customers who have been interested, regular information about new products and upgrades can lead to sales.

If you're using WorsPress, there's a plugin called Flamingo that works with Contact Form 7 , and you can create a database of your contact history. Josys DX can handle a wide range of settings from setting methods to practical work .


BEST4 Utilize the customer information held by the company

Information on business cards exchanged at past sales activities and study sessions, information on visitors to seminars and exhibitions, etc., can also be used as a sales list. Companies with which you have had some contact in the past are more likely to know about your company, so it can be said that it is relatively easier to connect with appointments and projects than companies with which you have no contact.

It is important to collect information not only on the business cards you own, but also on the desks of your superiors, and on the business cards of your superiors and presidents.

If you regularly send tele appointments or e-mail DMs, we recommend converting them to data. The function to capture business cards is called OCR.

BEST5 Ask existing customers for referrals

We believe that some of our existing customers include partner companies and companies with whom we exchange information on a regular basis. If you have a good relationship with a customer who has already signed a contract, and you have a solid understanding of our products and services, and if there is a company you know that could be of use, please honestly ask if you could introduce them to us. You should take a look. By the way, you can introduce yourself.


Summary of how to make a sales list

Did you understand that listing is very important in order to improve the results of tele appointments?

In addition to the ones introduced this time, there is a lot of information that can be used as a reference for creating a sales list, such as advertisements hanging on trains, internet news, TV and newspapers, and legal revisions.

I think that it will change depending on each industry, product, and sales system of the company, so while referring to the contents introduced, find the method and list that suits your company and improve the results of tele appointments.


Free business list now available

The sales list creation tool IZANAMI is currently offering a free sales list.

It is highly accurate information posted and managed by Google, so please try it if you like.