The download link for the trial version will be sent to the e-mail address sent at the time of application.
Please download from there.

For the paid version, please enter the e-mail address at the time of contract for the trial version, or download it from My Page sent at the time of contract.

* A warning may be displayed when downloading both the trial version and the paid version.
IZANAMI collects information published on the Internet,
A warning may appear to check the data, which is normal.
Ignore it and proceed with the download.


The following folders and files are generated when the ZIP file is decompressed and expanded.
*The Mac version can be used without unzipping.

Description of each folder/file

conf folder

There are no files in the initial state.
Several files are generated when collection is started.
Please use without editing anything.

dist folder

IZANAMI.exe: This is the main file of IZANAMI .

drivers folder, drivers.json: Driver files. It is generated when you run IZANAMI.

IZANAMI folder (Mac only): A folder created only for the Mac version.

out folder

There are no files in the initial state.
The collected list is saved as result_***.csv (*** is the collected category name).

Initial setting

・Install Google Chrome . If it is already installed, you can leave it as is.

- Please refer to the following to display the extension.

  1. How to show extensions in Windows
  2. Show/Hide Filename Extensions on Mac

If you are using the Mac version, the following settings are required . Please be sure to respond.

  1. (Mac) This software cannot be opened because apple cannot verify it for malicious software. error is displayed.
  2. (Mac) Make sure the app is in the dist folder.
  3. (Mac) Many files exist under the Dist folder

Execute IZANAMI.exe ( for Mac version) in the dist folder.

The country/language selection screen will appear, so select the country you want to collect and press the "SAVE" button.
* If you make a mistake in selecting the country, press "x" to exit, and restart to display the same screen.

A verification screen will be displayed. Please enter your registered email address.

When the authentication is completed, the initial screen will be displayed.

*When starting for the first time, the following screen may be displayed. Please ignore and proceed.

Click Details and click Run.

*Please allow the firewall.

Settings before creating sales list

Make the initial settings for creating a sales list.

Collection settings tab

Category/progress settings

Open the collection settings tab and set the categories you want to collect. You can choose to enter keywords freely or collect from categories.
We recommend that you start by collecting from categories.
* If you enter a keyword and check the category, the keyword will be collected first, and then the category will be collected.
* Keywords cannot be collected if they are not displayed on Google Maps.

Area setting tab

In Area Settings, select the area you want to collect.
By default, the top 100 areas covering the major cities of each prefecture with a large population are set.
Please choose the place you want to collect according to your preference.
*The more areas you select, the longer it will take.

do not list

Some companies have had problems in the past.
Enter the items you do not want to collect.
The list of matching sites will no longer be collected.

Domain Deny List

Enter the domains you do not want collected.
Domain refers to
This includes subdomains as well.

Options tab

Remove duplicates

After collection, duplicate businesses may exist.

for example

  • Same company but different categories collected
  • There are multiple locations with different names, but with the same phone number and email address

Such is the case.

If you contact the same company multiple times, you may end up with a complaint.
Deduplicating allows you to combine phone numbers and email addresses.

Fluctuation setting

Sets fluctuation ON/OFF.
IZANAMI is a unique algorithm that reproduces human movements and collects data.
If this function is turned off, the movement will be mechanical and the risk of access being blocked from the collection destination will increase.
If you are not sure, leave it ON.

proxy settings

You can set a proxy and disguise access.
This function is for advanced users, so please use it only if you know how to use it.

Log DL

You can download log files.
If you have any problems, please send this to support and they may fix the problem.


This feature is currently under development.


Start collection

Execute the IZANAMI.exe file in the dist folder to start the application.

strict collection

If checked, only the same industry as the set category will be collected, but the number of collections will be extremely small. Normally, it is recommended not to check. If you remove the check, the number of collections will increase, but irrelevant industries will be collected. We strongly recommend that you review them carefully before creating your sales list.


New collection will start from the top of the municipality selected in the category/progress settings and area settings of the collection settings.


Pause collection.

resume from the middle

Refer to progress.txt and resume from the middle.
If the result file exists, we will append to that file.


When collection starts, result_(collected category name).csv is generated in the out folder and written to the file at any time.

*Please do not open progress.txt and result_(categories being collected).csv while collecting.
The file will be corrupted when opened.
If you really want to check the progress, copy each file and open the copied file.

The flow of collection is described in the first line of the set category, and will be collected in order from what is written in the first line of the municipality. Keywords are prioritized, and if there are none, they are collected in order from the top of the checked categories.

After collecting all municipalities in one category, start collecting the next category and generate result_(next category name).csv.

Confirm termination

If you want to stop IZANAMI in the middle, or if you want to end it, click the "Exit" button.

It takes about 1 minute to finish.
If it ends normally, you will be able to click the "Start" and "Restart from the middle" button. If you want to quit, press x to quit.

*If you cannot finish after waiting for about 1 minute (no response) is displayed, just press x to finish.

Remove duplicates

For example, the same property may be collected in nearby municipalities.

In addition, there are cases where there is only one general contact point even though there are multiple locations, and the email address and phone number are duplicated.


A Store Shinjuku Branch 03-1234-5678 info@***.com

B Store Shibuya Branch 03-1234-5678 info@***.com

If you create a sales list as it is, there is a risk of contacting the same point of contact over and over again.

By consolidating your contacts into one, you can prevent such troubles.

While IZANAMI has not collected

Go to Options → Remove Duplicates.

Open the result_***.csv you want to delete duplicates from and execute deletion.
If the deletion is successful, a new file will be generated.


Start or collection does not start:

(1) The country name_progress.txt generated in the conf folder may be damaged. See if you can open it with notepad.

If countryname_progress.txt is corrupted and cannot be opened, renaming countryname_progressbak.txt file to progress.txt works.

②Close the txt and csv files related to IZANAMI. Cannot be collected if open.

③ Delete the driver file and restart IZANAMI. Delete both driver folder and driver.json in dist folder.

④It is blocked by security software.

Please turn off the anti-virus and firewall of your security software and check if it works.
If it works, please exclude IZANAMI of the security software from the blocking target.

⑤Check if you have installed Google chrome.

(6) Restart the computer.

*If you still cannot start or collect, please download the log file from the log DL and send it to us.

Not collected, very few:

(1) Log and collection do not match

There may be an error in the contents of the country name_progress.txtprogress.txt generated in the conf folder . It may be fixed by editing with a text editor, but if you do not understand well, please download IZANAMI again.

(2) A category or city that does not exist is set

Please search for "appropriate municipality category name" in Google search and check if the map is displayed in the search results. Categories that are not displayed are not collected.

③ Depending on the category, there are cases where it is not collected even if it appears to be collected on the log. IZANAMI will not be collected unless there is an email, phone, or form.

④The number of cases that can be collected is small

If strict collection is checked, the number of collections will be extremely small. Please uncheck strict collection before using. In that case, about 1 case will be collected every 2 minutes to 1 hour.

(5) It takes time to collect

Since it takes time to patrol all municipalities, deleting municipalities that are clearly not subject to collection speeds up the collection speed.

There are errors depending on the content of the category, but as a guideline, if the whole country is targeted, it will take 1 month at the longest.

(6) Stop the security software and check if collection is possible. Windows is monitored by a software called Windows Defender as standard, so please also disable this and test (virus/firewall). If it works, set IZANAMI out of target.

⑦ If the CPU or memory usage of your computer is always at 100%, you will not be able to collect data. If you open task manager and it's at 100%, stop unnecessary applications.

never terminate:

If it doesn't finish after about 5 minutes after pressing the finish button, press the x button to finish.

I was halfway through the collection and accidentally hit start:

Please exit IZANAMI once. Open progress.txt and set the category and city where you want to resume collection.