Features of Sales List Collection Tool

The sales list collection tool IZANAMI has the following functions.

Complete collection by leaving it alone

Complete collection by leaving it alone

Once set, IZANAMI will automatically collect until the end.

Unlimited list collection

Unlimited number of sales list collections

IZANAMI's sales list creation tool has an unlimited number of sales list collections.

Can be narrowed down by industry or area

Data completion function

Complement data from the internet.

Collect and supplement information from the Internet.

Powerful block prevention function

Collect comfortably with a powerful block prevention function

You can collect comfortably with the powerful block prevention function.

Forced termination measures

Various forced termination measures

Even if the app crashes, measures are taken to protect the data and collection settings.

Ability to collect overseas information

Ability to collect overseas information

Information on Japanese and English-speaking countries can be collected.

Compatible with both Win and Mac

There is a Win version and a Mac version.

Available for both Windows and Mac

Ability to detect special characters and not collect them

Business refusal measures

It is a function to detect character strings like sales refusal and not to collect them.